Wondering what to see during your course at Prolog? Visit the most ridiculous wax figure museum the world has seen!

“The Grand Tour” crew visited the Kraków museum, Polonia Wax Museum. There are many signs that the trip will remain in the journalists’ memory for a long time. The sight of some of the exhibits of this museum, deeply surprised the Brits….For example, journalists at the Krakow museum had the opportunity to admire wax figures of Prince William and Kate Middleton – which, unfortunately, did not quite resemble their prototypes. When seeing the royal couple, members of the group could not contain their reactions. “What the hell is that? Oh good God!” – the journalists asked, wondering. “Is that Keira Knightley? It’s not even close to Keira Knightley. I’d like to see Keira Knightley standing here, next to this,” – joked Clarkson.

This wasn’t the first time this particular museum became an Internet sensation. InMarch, the Internet got hot after the New York Post published an article about it. The museum was so bad that even the New York Post couldn’t let go of the article. The entire Internet laughed at the likenesses of figures such as, Prince William and Duchess Kate. There were also figures of Donald Trump, David Guetta. However, all these figures are far from the actual appearance of these people. What’s more, in the very popular Tripadvisor portal for rating attractions, restaurants and other places frequently visited by tourists, this museum has a rating of 5/5. A visit to this place obviously deserves this rating considering the humorous aspect!!!   As we say in Poland, “ubaw po pachy gwarantowany” meaning that something is very, very funny and the laughter will be endless

One visitor correctly said that “the exhibition is so bad that you MUST visit it. This place is a must-see for any visitor to our beautiful Krakow!

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