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Ul. Bronowicka 37

30-084 Kraków

Pon – Pt: 9:00 – 19:30

Terms and conditions


To apply, please complete the registration form on our website. At the time of your registration a fee of €50 is required. This initial payment is a registration fee for all new students. Returning students do not pay registration fee, but are required to pay a deposit of €50 which is a part of the course fee and thus deducted from the overall amount.

General Terms & Conditions

1. Enrollment reservation is confirmed only after
            a. the completion of the enrollment form on-line,
            b. sending the completed form to PROLOG, and
            c. payment of a €50 registration fee (new students) / deposit (returning students)   

The registration fee of €50 is obligatory for all new students. It covers the administration costs. New students are required to pay full course  fees upon arrival. Returning students do not pay registration fee but a €50 deposit which will be a part of the course fees paid on arrival.

2. Course participants must be at least 18 years of age when the course begins. Students under 18 years of age can may be allowed to take part in the courses only at PROLOG’s discretion.

3. One lesson at PROLOG lasts 45 minutes.

4. Intensity / Course participants:

20 lessons per week in groups of 2 – 8 participants
14 lessons per week in the event that only one student is registered in a class

INTENSIVE 5 courses
Students choosing this option will take part in a STANDARD course and will choose one workshop.

5 lessons per week in mini-groups of 2-4 participants
3 lessons per week in the event that only one student is registered in a class.

INTENSIVE 10 courses
Students choosing this option will take part in a STANDARD course and have additional 10* lessons per week in the form of workshops:

            GRAMMAR and CONVERSATION workshops
10 lessons per week in mini-groups of 2-4 participants
            *6 lessons per week in the event that only one student is registered in a class.           

SUPER-INTENSIVE 5/10/15 courses
Students choosing this option will take part in a STANDARD course and have additional 5/10/15 lesson hours/week of individual tuition.

5. Course fees include tuition fees (for the course reserved), all course materials, placement test, interim exams, certificate. During SUMMER SCHOOL the assistance of activities coordinator and culture and leisure program are included.

6. All course and accommodation fees must be paid in full by the second day of your course.

7. Please note that the registration fee / deposit is non-refundable. Although for returning students it is a part of the course fee, for all new students it is an additional cost covering administration of the booking.

8. The school cannot be held liable for the loss of personal property on school premises.

9. You will be held liable for any damage done to the school, to your accommodation or to the property of the landlord.

10. If you participate in leisure activities offered by PROLOG, you do so at your own personal risk. The school or any private person working for the school cannot be held liable for accidents or damage to personal property. We therefore strongly recommend that you make your own insurance arrangements: in particular health, accident and personal liability insurance which you can take out when booking a course with us.

11. In case of weeks with a small number of course participants the extracurricular activities program may be limited or called off. In such cases the office will provide all the necessary information about possibilities and options and will help with arrangements, bookings etc.

12. Arrival and Departure: If you have opted for private accommodations, your room will be available to you one day before the date of commencement of your course, i.e. on Sunday. The room will remain available to you until the day after the last day of your course, i.e. until Saturday.

13. Lessons do not take place on weekends or public/bank holidays.

14. Classes missed by the student for personal reasons will not be reimbursed.

15. Visa
a. If the participant requires a student visa for entry into the country, the amount shown in the bill must be paid in full. After payment has been received, PROLOG sends an invitation to the appropriate Polish Consulate and a copy to the student.
b. If the visa is granted, the school requires a written re-confirmation for the intended date of arrival from the student.
c. If the visa is not granted, the school requires the written rejection from the Consulate and will refund the previously transferred amount after deducting the visa processing fee of €50; bank transfer charges also apply.

16. Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997 (Law Journal [Dz. U] No. 133, item 833), all personal data collected by Prolog Language School may be used for the sole purpose of carrying out the order. The customer’s personal data shall not be shared with or sold to third parties.

Cancellations/Booking Changes
1. Within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract the student is entitled to full payment return upon presenting the will of withdrawal from the contract in writing (letter or e-mail)

2. For cancellations submitet after 14 days as in 1. and not later then 3 days before the course starts, charges are limited to the sum of €50 (i.e. the registration fee/deposit). PROLOG must be notified in writing (letter or e-mail) about a cancellation as soon as possible but no later than 3 days before the course starts.

3. If the student withdraws from the course without notifying PROLOG in writing before the start of the course the full costs have to be paid, i.e. course fees will not be refunded.

4. The student withdrawing from the course may propose another person for the same course dates. It is at PROLOG’s discretion to accept or reject such an arrangement. PROLOG will do so within 7 days from receiving such information.

5. PROLOG can not refund course fees after it starts.

6. Please understand that PROLOG cannot be held financially responsible for unforeseen catastrophes or for personal or health problems.

7. All returns will be made within 14 days of notifying PROLOG about the cancellation.

8. Any notification or comments should be submitted to the school office or by e-mail:

Payment options
• A contract is formed between the customer and Prolog Language School the moment a course is booked by the customer.
How can I pay for my language program in full?
As soon as you have received the course confirmation, the following options are available to you for the payment of the full course fee and accommodation costs:
• Payment in advance by bank transfer to the account:
Account number, i.e. IBAN: PL 09 1140 2017 0000 4512 0095 1780
• Payment in advance by credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro)
• Payment in cash on the first day of the course.

This Site is owned and operated by
PROLOG Language School Mariusz Siara
with its registered office at 37 Bronowicka Street, Kraków, Poland
VAT Identification number: PL 813 108 44 15
REGON: 350663904

For further information, please contact us at
Statement of Agreement
By booking and paying for a PROLOG language program, I agree to accept the above conditions and requirements.