This year we are celebrating 30 years of PROLOG School of Polish – three decades of passion and commitment to teaching Polish.

When we opened PROLOG in 1994, the Polish language was mainly taught to “Polonians,” although we also had scholarship students from Germany who progressed from basic to intermediate levels on intensive, semester-long courses. We particularly liked these courses because they looked at it from the point of view of the students, who invested a little over 3 months of their time and effort, and in return gained a good working knowledge of Polish. To date, this seems to us to be a great investment – 3 months of time = learning a new language

From the beginning, we have constantly strived to improve our teaching methods, to quality education, always trying to find and implement ways to make teaching Polish faster and more enjoyable. We also made sure to take an individual approach to each student.

The accumulated knowledge and experience of the team led to the moment when we decided to go one step further and take on the challenge of creating something new that would enable even more people to develop their language skills faster. This is how PROLOG Publishing came into being, from the very beginning becoming a direction-setting publishing house in the teaching of Polish as a foreign language.

This was another step in our educational mission, another step in providing a wide range of learners (our textbooks go to 38 countries) with comprehensive support in learning Polish. Thanks to PROLOG Publishing, we can not only offer the best lessons locally, in Krakow, but also provide materials that make learning Polish effectively and enjoyably possible anywhere in the world.

Today, looking back, we are full of gratitude for every day of our journey, for every student who entrusted us with their learning, for every employee who built the team and put their heart into the development of PROLOG, for every partner who supported us.

Thank you all for these 30 unforgettable years and for being part of our history. May the years to come be as full of passion, joy and success in teaching and learning languages as those past years.

Thank you!

Mariusz Siara


PROLOG School of Polish

P.S. Throughout 2024, on the occasion of PROLOG’s 30th anniversary, all Polish language students taking part in residential courses at 37 Bronowicka Street in Krakow, Poland, can, after completing feedback, receive a copy of the PROLOG Publishing book of their choice!

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