There are many ways to learn a language. Of course, the most effective is to use it in everyday life, but what methods are worth using if you are not staying in a given country permanently? In addition to courses that can also be taken online, students are recommended, for example, to watch movies and series in a foreign language.

Polish cinematography has many interesting and beautiful productions on its list, which are worth reaching for if you want not only to get to know the Polish language better, but also to watch a piece of the history of Polish cinema. Everyone can find the latest productions in the cinema or streaming platforms, but the older ones, from the 90s and earlier, should be looked for in other legal sources. One of them is the internet platform. On this website you can find almost 4,000 movie items presenting the richness of Polish cinematography. All materials have subtitles in Polish and English, which allows learners of Polish as a foreign language to familiarize themselves with the language also in written form. A1 level students are advised to use English transcription to fully understand the characters’ lines, while higher level students are suggested to use Polish subtitles or turn them off altogether.

On the mentioned platform, you can legally watch, for example, films: Boys Don’t Cry (2000) or Killer (1997).
The film database is the result of a project of the Polish Film Institute, the Documentary and Feature Film Studio and the Cartoon Film Studio.
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