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Year round mini-group courses
Variety of courses - from STANDARD through INTENSIVE (5, 10) and SUPERINTENSIVE (5, 10, 15). They are all the highest quality courses that will help you master your Polish


You can also book a course on other dates for any number of weeks between : June 17, 2019 - October 4, 2019
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Arrival: the accommodation is calculated starting from the day (Sunday) prior to the course start (Monday) and finishing on the next day (Saturday) after the course ends (Friday)

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returning student discount
student discount, for students with a valid Student ID and under the age of 26
early registration discount - applies to those who register and pay full fees 60 days prior to course commencement
special discount - applies to those who register for minimum 2 weeks course in 2019 (discount for those who applies between 1st and 30th April 2019)
I took part in 6th International Test of Polish as a Foreign Language (edition 2019)
none of the above

To register 50 EUR registration fee is required.
For Prolog students the registration fee is a part of the total fee and NOT an additional payment.
For new students the registration fee is an additional payment.

I was learning in Prolog before and I am not paying registration fee
I am new student and I am paying obligatory registration fee (50 EUR)

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General Terms&Conditions

1. Enrollment reservation is confirmed only after
a. the completion of the enrollment form on-line,
b. sending the completed form to PROLOG, and
c. payment of a deposit in the amount of €50.
2. Course participants must be at least 18* years of age when the course commences.
3. One lesson hour at PROLOG lasts 45 minutes.
4. Intensity / Course participants:

20 lesson hours/week in groups of 2 - 7 participants
25 lesson hours/week in groups of 8 to 10 (up to 12 in high season)
14 lesson hours/week in the event that only one student is registered in a class

INTENSIVE 5/10 courses

GRAMMAR workshop
5 lesson hours/week in mini- groups of 2-5 participants
3 lesson hours/week in the event that only one student is registered in a class

5 lesson hours/week in mini- groups of 2-5 participants
3 lesson hours/week in the event that only one student is registered in a class

POLISH at Work
10 lesson hours/week in mini- groups of 2-5 participants
6 lesson hours/week in the event that only one student is registered in a class

10 lesson hours/ week in mini- groups of 2-5 participants
6 lesson hours/ week in the event that only one student is registered in a class

5. Course fees include tuition fees (for the course reserved), all course materials, placement test, interim exams, certificate, personal all-round service and three leisure activities per week.
6. The maximum number of students in one group is limited to 10 students. On average you can expect about 5 participants per group. However, it is possible that in July and August the maximum number of students may, on occasion, increase to 12.
7. All course and accommodation fees must be paid in full by the second day of your course at the latest.
8. Please note that the deposit is not refundable. The deposit is part of the course fee.
9. The school cannot be held liable for the loss of personal property in the school premises.
10. You will be held liable for any damage you may cause to the school, to the accommodation or to the property of the landlord.
11. If you participate in leisure activities offered by PROLOG, you do so at your own personal risk. The school or any private person working for the school cannot be held liable for accidents or damage to personal property. We therefore strongly recommend that you make your own insurance arrangements, in particular health, accident and personal liability insurance which you can take out when booking a course with us.
12. Arrival and Departure: If you have opted for private accommodation, your room is available to you one day before the date of commencement of your course, i.e. on Sunday. The room will remain available to you until the day after the last day of your course, i.e. until Saturday.
13. Lessons do not take place on weekends or public/bank holidays.
14. Classes missed by the student for personal reasons will not be reimbursed.
a. If the participant requires a student visa for entry into the country, the amount shown in the bill must be paid in full. After payment has been received, PROLOG forwards an original invitation to the appropriate Polish Consulate and a copy of the same to the student.
b. If the visa is granted, the school requires a written re-confirmation for the intended date of arrival from the student.
c. If the visa is not granted, the school requires the written rejection from the Consulate and will refund the previously transferred amount after deducting the visa processing fee of 50 €, bank transfer charges also apply

Cancellations /Booking Changes
1. Cancellation charges are limited to the sum of 50 € i.e. the deposit plus bank charges. PROLOG has to be notified in writing about cancellation as soon as possible but no later then 3 days before the course starts.
2. If the student withdraws from the course without notifying PROLOG in writing before the start of the course the full costs have to be paid, i.e. course fees will not be refunded.
3. The student withdrawing from the course may propose another person for the same course dates. It is at PROLOG’s discretion to accept or reject such arrangement.
4. PROLOG can not refund the course fees after it starts.
5. Please understand that PROLOG can not be held financially responsible for unforeseen catastrophes or for personal or health problems.
How can I pay for my language programme in full?
As soon as you have received the course confirmation, the following options are available to you for the payment of the full course fee and accommodation costs (minus already paid deposit):
• Payment in advance by bank transfer to the account:
IBAN: PL 09 1140 2017 0000 4512 0095 1780
• Payment in advance by credit card (VISA or MasterCard)
• Payment in cash on the first day of the course.
For further information, please contact us at
Statement of Agreement
By booking and paying for a PROLOG language programme, I agree to accept the above conditions and requirements.

* For further information about courses for teenagers, please contact us at