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Alexandra, Syracuse

My summer at Prolog was an enriching and enjoyable experience that I look forward to repeating. Before I came to Prolog, I’d always had my Polish instruction in my native language. However, throughout the course of a summer, my studies in Prolog not only helped to fill in holes in my knowledge of Polish grammar, but they also gave me the confidence to realize that I was capable of learning successfully in Polish as a language of instruction. As a teacher of language myself, I know how rare it is to find a language-learning environment that is as rigorous, engaging, and fun as the Prolog school. The school’s healthy balance of classroom instruction and cultural excursions provided us with ample occasion to improve our Polish language skills while simultaneously fostering an immersion into the fascinating and incomparable cultural life of Poland. I was amazed to see how much I had progressed in the course of a summer-- I learned more at Prolog in six weeks than I did in one year of University study.



Masha, Belarus

 Август 2014 года навсегда останется для меня чем-то незабываемым. Дни, проведённые в «Prolog» и Кракове, я всегда буду вспоминать с улыбкой и теплотой. «Prolog» - отличная языковая школа со всех сторон. Классные преподаватели, на занятиях с которыми чувствуешь себя очень свободно, строили свои уроки исходя из наших пожеланий: мы и песни пели, и фильмы смотрели, и говорили на разные темы, начиная от простых бытовых вещей и заканчивая политикой и историей, ну и, конечно, грамматика. В общем всё, что нужно для плодотворной работы А ещё с самого первого дня вся наша группа стала одним коллективом, а всё благодаря нашей очаровательной Ивонке, которая на протяжении двух недель делала всё, чтобы каждый день стал незабываемым. Мы знали обо всех самых крутых местах в Кракове и обо всех самых интересных мероприятиях и событиях. Велосипедные прогулки по Кракову и не только, кино под открытым небом, посиделки в уютных кафе, галереи, музеи, круиз по Висле – далеко не всё, что мы успели сделать! А ещё мы все вместе готовили наивкуснейшие pierogi:) Но, наверное, самое главное то, что всё это время мы все говорили на ПОЛЬСКОМ! А это самая лучшая языковая практика! Огромное спасибо „PROLOG” за то, что сделал всё, чтобы ещё больше полюбить польский язык и Польшу, а ещё за то, что познакомил с замечательными людьми, с которыми активно общаюсь и теперь. Kocham PROLOG Kocham Polskę!


Sita, Spain

Hola! Me encanta Prolog y el ambiente que allí se respira! Vuelvo a Cracovia a estudiar polaco con Prolog cada vez que puedo. Ellos se encargan de todo: el alojamiento, buscarme actividades que se amolden a mí y ajustan las clases según mis necesidades cada año. El año pasado, por ejemplo, me llevé a mis tres hijos. Fue una experiencia increíble poder llevarles a Cracovia. No tuve que preocuparme de nada y lo mejor es que mis hijos disfrutaron muchísimo, aprendieron muchísimo y además quieren volver más años! Gracias Prolog por cuidarnos tan bien! Un abrazo desde Cádiz!!


Steffi, USA

I love Prolog.

In summer 2013, I spend four weeks at Prolog learning Polish. In summer 2014, I came back for another six weeks of classes—and now I’m addicted! If I could spend every summer there, I would! If you’re thinking about learning Polish, Prolog is the place for you. Here’s why:

  1. CLASSES: The teachers are amazing, and they are truly passionate about helping their students learn Polish. Because the class sizes are small (2 to 6 people, in my experience), the teachers can pay individual attention to students and help them with their specific problems. And since teachers only speak in Polish, regardless of class level, all students are forced to practice—and improve—their Polish. Although that can be intimidating at first, the end result is invaluable. Trust me; I know from experience. If you want to learn Polish, Prolog is the place to do it!
  2. EXCURSIONS/PROGRAMMING: As great as the classes are, you won’t spend all your time at Prolog studying. There are too many fun things to do! Prolog offers a full schedule of excursions and activities, and they are all a blast. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, visiting Schindler’s Factory, watching a football (soccer) match, taking a cruise down the Wisła, or simply going out for drinks, Prolog’s activities schedule guarantees you’ll never get bored in Kraków. And because Prolog organizes all the details, you just have to show up…. And make sure you have time for your homework later.
  3. THE PEOPLE: As awesome as the classes and excursions are, the best part about Prolog is the people you’ll meet while you’re there. Because Prolog is a top-notch language school, it attracts students from all over the world. Thanks to Prolog, I now have friends in Israel, Belgium, Mexico, Holland, Scotland, France, and Germany. The only downside is that they live so far away… I guess that means we will have to meet up again next year at Prolog.

The teachers are phenomenal, the excursions are a blast, and the other students are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. In short, Prolog is hands-down the best place to learn Polish in Kraków. Prolog only has one problem: you’ll have such a great time that you will spend the entire next year wishing you were still there. But if you find yourself missing Prolog terribly, keep your chin up. Next summer will be here before you know it.


Alessandro, Vicenza

One of the best experiences of my life!!!I found there not only a good school but also a lot of friends!!! The entertainment program after classes is simply amazing!!! Forgot about English you have to speak polish or you'll be punished with essay;). My Polish really improved and now I can speak to everybody easily. Dziękuję bardzo Prologu:)

Prolog was a great place to learn Polish! I never imagined that learning another language could be so fun yet productive. For foreigners who want to experience Polish culture, the various excursions were splendid for that. I'd recommend Prolog to anyone.

Luke, Pittsburgh

W sierpniu tego lata miałam szczęście ze swoją koleżanką potrafić do szkoły języka i kultury polskiej „Prolog”. W ciągu dwóch tygodni spędzonych tam nauczyłam się mówić po polsku lepiej niż przez cały rok studjowania polskiego na Białorusi, a emocji dostałam więcej niż od najlepszej imprezy. Czarowna atmosfera Krakowa, wspaniałe podróże rowerowe, wycieczki do muzea, zwiedzanie kina i nieskończone imprezy w kawiarniach, barach i klubach – to wszystko było świetnym dodatkiem do samego procesu edukacji, który był nie mniej ciekawy, różnorodny i użyteczny. Wielkim plusem naszego podytu też było to, że jedynym wspólnym językiem był polski, więc nie mieliśmy wyboru oprucz mówienia po polsku. Dlatego zawsze komunikowaliśmy się w języku polskim i pomimo faktu, że ktoś mówił lepiej, a ktoś gorzej, rozumieliśmy się doskonale. Za ten czas staliśmy dobrymi przyjaciółmi, i jestem szczęśliwa, że teraz utrzymywamy naszą przyjaźń. Dziękuję szkole «Prolog» za wspaniały czas, wielkie doświadczenie i emocje, których nie da się zapomnieć!

Oli, Minsk

A course at Prolog is a great way to spend a holiday. The lessons are well taught and all the staff amazingly friendly and helpful. There are always several courses so you are sure to find an appropriate level. You get a lot of opportunity to practice speaking, in fact ‘po polsku prosze’ is a phrase you’ll hear again and again! The notorious Polish grammar is well explained. Prolog offer a wide range of activities, from sightseeing in beautiful Krakow to kayaking and karaoke in Polish. The guides are so friendly and work really hard to ensure everyone gets the most out of their visit to Prolog. The best recommendation I can give is that so many people return to Prolog: I’ve made some great friends over the last few years.

Michael, Dundee

Etudier à Prolog pendant les Cours d’été a été une très bonne expérience. Les professeurs et toute l’équipe sont vraiment sympathiques et prêts à solutionner les problèmes, quelle qu’en soit la nature. On y trouve un environnement plaisant, surtout avec le petit jardin. Les cours sont basés sur l’interaction entre les professeurs et le petit nombre d’étudiants qui constituent chaque groupe. L’école peut potentiellement vous aider concernant l’hébergement, et organise des activités culturelles ou sportives en dehors des heures de classes. Ce sont d’excellents supports pour les situations de la vie courante, pour pratiquer ce qui a été appris en cours. L’équipe sympathique et les activités sociales constituent une atmosphère très agréable pour l’apprentissage du Polonais. Ça ne peut être qu’une bonne expérience, pour qui que ce soit. Je recommande vivement cet établissement.

Studying at Prolog during Summer Courses was a very nice experience. The staff and teachers are friendly and helpful, willing to help, regardless of the nature of the issue. The school is offering a pleasant environment with a small garden. Classes are based on interactions between teachers and the small numbers of students in each group. The school can potentially help with accommodation and is organizing activities for students outside classes’ hours, combining cultural and sport activities. These are useful supports for daily situations, to practice what has been learned in classrooms. Helpful staff and social activities constitute a very pleasant atmosphere to learning Polish as a foreigner. It can only be a great experience for everyone. I can only recommend this school.

David, France