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Contrary to received opinion, language courses in companies and institutions more often fall into the category of general courses than they do business courses.

These courses are always preceded by a needs analysis. On the basis of this and the level of language skills, the optimal composition of the groups and selected curriculum is achieved.


Specialised courses are booked almost exclusively for one of these two situations:

1 - as orientation training for employees when they are faced with new tasks

2 - employees have duties as part of their jobs, the performance of which can be improved by specialised training

A good example of this is people who regularly receive calls from foreigners and find this to be an uncomfortable situation for them. After a relatively short period of training they are a lot more confident to cope with the calls, which are no longer a source of stress. For the company such a well-trained employee is a clear advantage, improving its image with customers and business partners.


Increasingly, companies want to examine the effectiveness of language training by means of independent tools. The best way to check the current language level of employees or periodically check the level is a language audit.


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