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Zwycięzcy Czwartej Edycji

Międzynarodowego Testu Języka Polskiego jako Obcego

Poziom A1/A2



Nagroda 1: Krystsina Romashko

Nagroda 2: Alexandru Zelinschi



Nagroda 1: Gennadiy Reva, Zhanna Slinchuk

Nagroda 2: Yuliia Khrystynchenko, Wiktoria Umanets


Poziom B1/B2




Nagroda 1: Natalia Rudova

Nagroda 2: Tatiana Mishchuk


Nagroda 1: Dzmitry Maksimau, Volha Maksimava

Nagroda 2: Barbara Apokina, Darja Sawenkowa


Poziom C1/C2



Nagroda 1: Ahata Rakava

Nagroda 2: Oleg Savytskyi



Nagroda 1: Olena Kushnir, Olena Kravchenko



Nagroda 1

Kategoria Indywidualna: 2-tygodniowy intensywny kurs języka polskiego (opcja STANDARD) razem z zakwaterowaniem w pokoju jednoosobowym w Prolog Residential .

Kategoria Team: 2-tygodniowy intensywny kurs języka polskiego (opcja STANDARD) .

Nagroda 2

Komplet wybranych przez siebie 10 książek wydawnictwa Prolog Publishing.



WHEN: 36 hours from 9 a.m 29th April till 9 p.m 30th April (Polish time)


HOW: individual or team competition


2 week of Intensive Polish Summer Course in Krakow with accommodation

A choice of 10 books from Prolog Publishing


It will be the fourth edition of this event. Over 3000 individuals and 700 teams participated in previous editions.


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The idea of organizing the International Test of Polish Language, was born four years ago.

We wanted to see how the level of knowledge of Polish as a foreign language depends on country, age and other factors.

The contest is open to any participant for whom the Polish language is not their mother tongue. There are two categories, individual and team, where we accept two participants, with the requirement that they are more or less at the same level of language proficiency.

We awarded prizes to the best test participants. Polish language courses in our school in Krakow, some of them including accommodation, as well as a set of  books for learning Polish from Prolog Publishing.

In addition, each participant received a discount on summer courses in our school and a discount on books at

Sample questions from last year's edition:

Nie mam ______________ pojęcia, gdzie położyłam moje klucze.

a. niebieskiego

b. zielonego

c. czarnego

Najnowsza propozycja premiera rządu jest ______________.

a. z księżyca

b. księżycowa

Rok ______________ jest Rokiem poety Juliana Tuwima.

a. dwa tysiące trzynasty

b. dwutysięczny trzynasty

Oddaj ______________ MasterChefa. Musisz, niestety, opuścić nasz program.

a. fartucha

b. fartuch


This year's edition of the International Test of Polish as a Foreign Language is dedicated to its creator, Agata Stępnik-Siara.




* 22.11.1967 † 19.01.2015

The co-founder of PROLOG, she was tireless in generating ideas, implementing projects and initiating a whole range of undertakings related to language learning.

She graduated in German studies and postgraduate studies in Polish as a foreign language at the Jagiellonian University. Her vision to develop fast-track methods in the teaching of foreign languages ​​has resulted in innovations in PROLOG which go far above and beyond the practice of other Polish and foreign language schools.

She instigated projects ahead of trends in teaching. She coordinated the project "HURRA !!!", the result of which was a modern series of textbooks for teaching Polish as a foreign language, the first of its kind on the market. Quickly becoming a benchmark, it is currently the most recognisable series worldwide for teaching Polish as a foreign language.

She passionately led the project “International Test of Polish as a Foreign Language”, her own brainchild. In just two years, she steered it from its inception to become the well-known, international endeavour that it is now.

When it came to managing the language school, she had a direct, personal style all of her own, and it left a lasting, positive mark on the lives of many people who, over the course of twenty years, had a relationship with PROLOG.